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SAF3 by Zodia Custody

Built for institutions, by institutions

SAF3 provides an institutional gateway to vetted digital asset services backed by regulation-first bank-grade custody. Helping you to grow your business on chain.
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Owned and underpinned by 170 years of institutional expertise

About SAF3

Our product:


Keeping your digital assets institution-grade safe

Designed for institutions and corporate investors, Zodia Custody is the leading provider of institution-first digital asset custody. We provide client-focused innovation with leading-edge technology, applied within the framework of compliance and governance that our clients demand.

Registered in the UK, Ireland and Luxembourg, our institution-first service ensures custody of your digital assets is safe, simple, and compromise-free. With fully segregated wallets, customisable rules-based settlements, institution-grade oversight and 24/7 access, safekeeping or trading digital assets is entirely familiar to the way you work.
  • Cryptographically secured Proof-of-Ownership and Proof-of-Management of each wallet
  • End-to-end security of private key and transaction authenticty
  • Self-administration of Maker/Checker workflows
  • Fully segregated wallets
  • Bank grade onboarding standards
  • Compliance-first and regulation-ready asset safekeeping
  • Coverage globally of > 80% of asset market cap
  • Seamless wallet opening, technology management and maintenance
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About Zodia Custody

Understanding Zodia Custody’s unique approach

About Zodia Custody

What makes Zodia Custody’s approach unique?

We are backed by global Financial Services firms, making regulation, security and governance our utmost priority.

Zodia Custody has a unique ability to provide an all in one platform for integrated digital asset services underpinned by bank-grade processes and technologies, that enable global institutions, corporations, and professional investors to embrace the digital asset future without compromising on security, compliance, risk standards and principles that have existed for decades.

Each partner undergoes enhanced due diligence of everything from the risk and compliance processes, ownership structuring, business performance, liquidity checks, security to services before being onboarded as part of our walled garden and integrated with our risk console services.

Who SAF3 is for

Banks and institutions

Banks and institutions

How SAF3 can help your institution maximise the potential of the digital asset future

Diversify your investments

Realise the full potential of the digital asset economy by diversifying your investments through a secure platform built for institutions, by institutions. Safeguard your assets with SAF3’s military grade custody wallets.

Build layers of defense

Define and embed multi-layer risk management processes to protect you from bad actors and human error. Create business rules, walled gardens and whitelists to transact only with approved entities and monitor everything with SAF3’s Risk Console.

Participate in network activities

Institutional investors looking to take part in network consenus can earn potential rewards on their digital assets through staking and can confidently participate from SAF3’s custody wallet. All this with our fully automated and secure staking facilitation solutions.